Chikhaldara Tiger Reserve

In the mountain range of Satpura & at the height of 1118 m from the sea level Chikhaldara is located. It is in the northern part of Amaravati district. This is the only national park in Maharashtra with green hill station. Also this is only coffee growing area in Maharashtra.
This wild life sanctuary was established in 1967 as a Tiger reserve. This tiger reserve was notified in 1993-74 under project tiger. In the wharf of the Chikhaldara or on the way of Chikhaldara to Semadoh we can see the Tigers. Also Peacock, Bear are also found in large number but here forest is not ever green like Sahyadri.

Chikhaldara Tiger Reserve

Tip for Visitors: Best time to visit is October to June.

Various genuses of animal & plants found in sanctuary:
 Plant Life: Bamboo, Kusum, Mahua, Tivas, Teak, Ain are found in sanctuary.
Animal Life: Tiger as well as Leopard, sloth beer, Blue bull, Indian Bison, wild Boar, Monkey, Mouse deer & wild dog are also found.

Chikhaldara has annual rainfall of about 154 cms & temp very from39 C in summer to 5 C in winter.

Tourist Attraction:
  • Bhimkund: As per epic Mahabharat, this is the place where Bhima washed his handoff the blood of Keechaka.
  • Gawilgad Fort
  • Wildlife museum
  • Paratwada

How to Reach:
By Air: Nearest Airport to chikhaldara is Akola Airport (150 km).

By Train: Nearest railway station to Chikhaldara is Badnera (95 km).

By Road: Chikhaldara is connected to major cities like Nagpur (230 km), Amaravati (100 km) by road state transport buses ply between Chikhaldara & these cities frequently.

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