Sindhudurg: Fort in Arabian Sea

Sindhudurg is located about one kilometre from Malavan on a rocky island Kurte. This fort was built in 1664-67 AD under supervision of Hiroji Indulkar by Shivaji Maharaja. This fort shows the vision & foresight of Shivaji Maharaja. This is most important fort in navy of Maratha Empire.
The site of the fort was personally elected by Shivaji Maharaja. The fort is spread over 48 acres area. About hundreds of skilled artist, 3000 workers & 500 stonebreakers & stone splitters work continuously three years to complete the construction of the fort. Three km long, average ten meter high & two to four meter breadth wall protect the fort. A mastermind trick used in construction of entrance door. It is very difficult to realise that from where the entrance door begins.

What to See on the Fort:
  • Entrance Gate: The entrance gate is almost invisible. Only regular visitors can find this gate.
  • Shivarajeshwar Temple: This is only temple of Shivaji Maharaja which builds by Rajaram Maharaja (Son of Shivaji Maharaja)
  • Foot Print of Shivaji Maharaja: Footprints of Shivaji Maharaja were preserved at the Sindhudurg fort.
  • Three Wells: There are three well of drinking water on the fort which full of water even in summer season also.
  • Hidden Passage: To escape woman & child if enemy entered in the fort there is a tunnel which goes 3 km under island & 12 km under sea.
  • Coconut Tree: A coconut tree with two branches (Gives fruit )was at the fort but about three years ago it was struck by lightning.
How to Reach:
By Air: Nearest air port is at Kolhapur (160 km).

By Train: Nearest railway station from Malvan is at Kudal (45 km).

By Road: State transport buses ply from Kolhapur, Pune & Mumbai (546 km) to Malvan. 
Also private buses are available. 

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