Devagiri/Daultabad fort

Devagiri fort is located in the Northwest of the Aurangabad. The name of the fort was change as Daultabad. This fort is one of the best preserved forts. The fort is situated on the 190 meter high isolated cone shaped hill which rising suddenly.
The fort was built in the 11th century during Yadav rule. Devagiri was unbeatable because of many plans defence provisions. There are many quizzical & secret passages to confuse the enemy force. Fortification constitutes of three concentric lines of defective walls with many castles. Trench, the scarp & underground passages are the notable feature of the fort. To prevent the process of enemy, the upper outlet of the passage is filled with iron grating, on which large fire could be used.

Devagiri (Daultabad) fort

Tip for Visitors: The fore is open to visit from 8 AM till sunset.
Best time to visit Devagiri fort is from June to January.

What to see on fort:
Chand Minar: Chand minar is about 63 meter high. This is built in the year 1435 AD by Allauddin Bahaman to conquest of Devagiri.
Jama Masjid: This is just in opposite of the Chand Minar. The pillers of the Jama Masjid are originally belonged to temple. There is a large masonry tank closed to masjid.
Chini Mahal: This is the place where Abdul Hasan Tana Shah (last king of Golconda), the last king Golconda, was incarcerated by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb until his death (about 13 years).
Kila Shikan(Fort Breaker): On the fort there is a round castle topped with a huge canon with ram’s head this cannon is kila shikan.
How to Reach:
By Air: The nearest airport at Aurangabad (about 13 km away) from Devgiri fort.

By Train: the nearest railway station from Devgiri fort

By Road: There is regular bus service from Aurangabad to Devagiri fort & there is regular bus service from all major cities of Maharashtra to Aurangabad.

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