Sinhgad :The Lion Fort

Sinhgad, earlier known as Kondana 25 kms from Pune. It was here that Shivaji’s general, Tanaji Malusare launched a dare devil attack on Mughal army to recapture the fort Kondana. He valiantly laid down his life but captured the fort. Grieving Shivaji is known to have said “gad ala pan sinh gela” (its means that the forts won but lions gone). Whereupon the fort got its name “sinhgad” that is lion-fort. Even in this century, Sinhgad continues to infuse bravery. Tanaji is said to have climbed a 1000 ft. sheer rock with the help of “ghorpad”, which is a small animal of the size of mongoos, having enormous strength and tenacity. It is amazing that what a 21st century expert climber might only, if at all achieve with most highly devised scientific equipment, the 17th century man did it on bare feet with just the aid of the amazing “ghorpad”.
Besides its historical significance Sinhgad Fort, Situated at a height of 4322 feet above sea level, commands magnificent views and is an ideal holiday resort with its lovely air and plentiful water. Now there stand imposing ramparts and crumbling walls. However the Devtake reservoir still intact Memories of Tanaji, Samadhi of Rajaram, Shivaji’s youngest son can also be seen. The british took over the fort from Marathas in 1818.

Sinhgad :The Lion Fort
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Tourist Attraction:

  • Devtake reservoir
  • Samadhi of Emperor Rajaram
  • Three Pune Darwazas

 How to Reach:

By Air: Nearest airport is in Pune, Mumbai.

By Rail: Nearest railway station is Pune and Mumbai 192 kms.

By Road: Well-planned government buses are there so you can reach conveniently by bus from pune. Pune-Sinhgad 25 kms. Mumbai-pune 177kms .

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