Shani Shinganapur: Pilgrimage Without Temple

Shani Shinganapur is the village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. This place is famous for the legend of Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan. Because of much unbelievable miracles find at Shani Shinganapur, this village is noted by the Guinness book of world records. Most people of in India having fear in mind about the god Shani.
Lord Shanidev is the epitome of the planet Saturn is worshipped with utmost reverence & devotion by huge number of people from the entire world. The spectacle of the deity in black stone is overwhelming. The unique Aspect of this place is that there is no any temple of the Shanidev. There is only swayambhu idol in black stone which stands on simple platform.
The black rock which is symbolizes of god Shani, is five & half feet high. A trishul is placed along the side of the image. In front there is the small image of Shiva & Hanuman which are gods of Hindus & a nandi (Bull) is in south of the idol.

Shani Shinganapur

Uniqueness of Shani Shinganapur:
No shelter over Shani Maharaj: As per instruction received from Shani Maharaj, there is no any roof build over the idol of Shani Maharaj.
No doors in houses:  This is only place over the world at which doesn’t having no door for houses. The villagers of Shani Shinganapur believed that the Shani Maharaj protect them from thieves. The villagers have many story about how the people were punished by Shani Maharaj who tried to steal others property.
24*7 burning lamp: In front of the moolasthan, there is the lamp which burns all time.
Sedan of Shani Maharaj: Sedan of shani Maharaj is placed close to the Moolasthan which has a huge “Paduka” (Wooden slipper) in it.

Tourist Attraction:
Temples of Goddess Laxmibai: Beside the idol of Shaneshwar, there are temples of the village Goddess Laxmibai.
Tombs: With the Samadhi (Tomb) of the Shri Sant Udasi Baba who stayed at Shinganapur for many years and worshiped Shani Maharaj there are three unknown Samadhis.

How to Reach:
By Air: Nearest airport is at Aurangabad (90 km).
By Train: Shrirampur is the nearest railway station to Shani Shinganapur.
By Road: Shani Shingnapur is about 35 km from Ahamadnagar, 84 km from Pune & 90 km from Aurangabad.

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